At DC Finance we understand the importance of selecting the right financial products that can protect and maximise your cash flow, help fund future growth opportunities and provide a financial platform that simplifies your current financial arrangements. We also understand that each client is different and we will tailor each financial product to suit our clients' needs. 

We also offer services to reassess current loans ensuring our clients receive the best deal in the current market. This includes lower interest rates, lower fees, charges and provides an avenue for increased future flexibility. Our focus on increased future flexibility ensures we continue our  partnering in your business philosophy. We want to be here for our clients on a continuous basis, ensuring they are always ready to take on new financial product opportunities and provide a streamlined process to reduce the difficulties and complexities of structuring finance.

Our current DC Finance services are managed by Neil Lovis. Due to Neil's vast experience and extensive contacts, our clients can take advantage of a wide range of financial products in the market including vehicle finance and leasing, commercial property finance, residential property finance, property development and construction finance.  

Neil holds a Certificate IV in Financial Mortgage Broking, a Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management and is a full member of the industry's leading association the MFAA.

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